Fuck Yeah Double Emulsions !

"It's like catching the fish that swallowed the queen's ring", Herzog, by Saul Bellow

Elegant and mesmerizing, these double emulsions, drops inside of drops, are generated with microfluidics for studying physics, biology, chemistry, robotics, and material science.


A Leidenfrost droplet impregnated with hydrophilic beads hovers on a thin film of its own vapor. The Leidenfrost effect occurs when a liquid touches a solid surface much, much hotter than its boiling point. Instead of boiling entirely away, part of the liquid vaporizes and the remaining liquid survives for extended periods while the vapor layer insulates it from the hot surface. Hydrophilic beads inserted into Leidenfrost water droplets initially sink and are completely enveloped by the liquid. But, as the drop evaporates, the beads self-organize, forming a monolayer that coats the surface of the drop. The outer surface of the beads drys out, trapping the beads and causing the evaporation rate to slow because less liquid is exposed. (Photo credit: L. Maquet et al.; research paper - pdf)

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Mixing two types of biocompatible polymers together, along with an organic solvent and water, produces a variety of spherical particles with different sizes and porosities. The particles have properties that make them good candidates for encapsulating drugs and delivering them to the lungs.

Credit: Langmuir 2014, DOI: 10.1021/la500324j

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Holey Drops!

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eightninea:— Gummy 

swigglies in a drop. sounds like an awesome plan for droplet-based microfluidics.

— Gummy 

swigglies in a drop. sounds like an awesome plan for droplet-based microfluidics.

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vivian maier self-portrait

Vivian Maier’s self portrait-inside of her self portrait -is like a drop inside of a drop!


My giant eyeball costume. I couldn’t see a thing with it and had to drink with a straw, but it was so worth it! 

a head with a drop inside of a drop inside of a drop. need a new macrofluidic device… i am on it!


Hermann Schnauss, Electrograph of a brass wire gauge, 1900; albumen print; Albertina, Vienna, permanent loan of Höhere Graphische Bundes-Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt, Vienna

cool—look’s possible with microfluidics.

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It is monodispersed double emulsion day. (image credits: L. L. A. Adams)


more perfection. (Image credit: L. L. A. Adams)


Monodispersed double emulsions remind you of the existence of perfection. These two component double emulsions are generated with a glass microfluidic device. The size of the outer oil droplet is controlled by the flow rates of the continuous and middle phases; the relevant shearing force on the outer droplet is the Stokes drag force. The size of the inner droplets is controlled by the diameter of the injection capillary, inner flow rate and the shearing force of the middle fluid. (Image credit: L. L. A. Adams)


If this theory is correct, we may live in a web of alternate timelines

The Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum physics has been around for nearly 60 years. It’s a highly controversial idea which suggests that our world — and everything in it — is constantly splitting into alternative timelines. If it’s correct, here’s what your true existence might actually be like.

Over a hundred years ago, the discovery of quantum physics ruined the party. Our comfortable, clockwork conception of universe was thrown into disarray with the realization that, at the micro-scale, there’s some crazy funky stuff going on.

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encapsulated “timelines”?  colossal-fluidics? 

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